I perform conflict coaching at the request of individuals as well as businesses. In private conversations you indicate what issues you want to tackle The meetings are based around your needs and focus on self-development. You will not be told what to do but you will gather more insight into what you could do that fits you and your beliefs.

The core objective is to gain insight into your own performance in the world you live in. From the resulting new perspective, you can decide in what direction you go and what qualities you want to develop.

Also coaching on an individual basis, for people in a difficult period, is a part of my practice. I can help you pick up life after the death of a loved one, in a personal situation of serious illness or illness of a beloved one, job loss or a divorce.

This process can also be applied after mediation. Even though the conflict is resolved, you can still be bothered by old believes that perpetuate to lure you in repeat behavior or leave traces that negatively affect the new situation. With the help of coaching you can solve issues a lot quicker.

Since 1999, I have committed my experience and knowledge to support people and businesses in conflict situations to work towards workable solutions for all parties involved. I am multi-certified as a mediator, trainer and coach, offering mediation and training services domestically as well as abroad and online where required. Call directly for free information: +31 6 54 787 464.