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Kitty Duell

My background is in business services. In the mid eighties I started as a financial and economic advisor to professionals specializing in areas of health care and SME’s.

During that time I experienced how much more effective it is for people and businesses to resolve conflicts in a different way than by going to court. In particular this applies to resolutions found through mediation: deliberation and negotiation led by an impartial third party. That's why I decided to become a mediator. In 1999 I completed my training as a professional mediator and I started my practice under the name MediationKit.

Following my initial training, I completed several national and international specialization courses. In 2011 I received the master degree of MAS (Master of Advances Studies) in International Mediation.

Besides my mediator activities I practice as a trainer, both nationally and abroad (Europe, USA, Canada, Asia). My trainings and workshops are focusing on the field of mediation skills, communication within the family situation after divorce, and mediation in the context of criminal law. I provide my trainings in both Dutch and English.

I practice from my base in The Hague, travelling throughout the Netherlands as well as internationally. I also provide online mediation.

Accreditations and certifications Nationally:

  • Registered Mediation-federation Netherlands Mediator
  • Accredited Court Mediator
  • Accredited High Trust mediator for the Legal Aid Board
  • Certified Online Mediator and Trainer
  • Certified Step Plan Coach

Accreditations and certifications Internationally:

  • MAS in International Mediation - Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch, Zwitserland
  • Certified IMI Mediator, reviewer, advisor & mentor - International Mediation Institute IMI
  • Certified IIRP Facilitator & trainer of trainers - International Institute for Restorative Practices
  • Court accredited Mediator, Minnesota, USA
  • Certified International Hostage Negotiator - PATC / International Association of Hostage Negotiators


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Since 1999, I have committed my experience and knowledge to support people and businesses in conflict situations to work towards workable solutions for all parties involved. I am multi-certified as a mediator, trainer and coach, offering mediation and training services domestically as well as abroad and online where required. Call directly for free information: +31 6 54 787 464.