Privacy Statement

General information about the way we manage your privacy-sensitive data:

We, the governing body / controller, are: MediationKit, Kitty Duell, C. de Wittlaan 34, 2582 CL The Hague to be reached via 06 54 787 464 and / or, this includes where applicable the co-mediator involved in the mediation.

As a mediator we need data to work with and for you. Working for you can be: Drafting an application for legal aid services, an agreement to mediation and a settlement agreement, but also sending an invoice. In case of a breakdown in a relationship a divorce agreement / MOU and possibly a parenting plan, calculations for partner- or child support and drawing up a division of the matrimonial / jointly owned property. In work-related cases, the applicable information or, in criminal law cases the relevant deposition(s). For all these activities we need data that we ask from you and / or that we get from the Judge or the Public Prosecution Office. The legal bases are then that you give us permission that we want to execute the agreement to mediation and in the case of your Social Security Number, that the Council for Legal Aid and the Court need it. Without this information we cannot work for you, and in most cases we have to finalize our collaboration.

We require personal information[1] from you for the execution of the agreement to mediation and the achievement of the objectives set forth therein. The information we receive from you is only provided to others within the framework of our work, i.e. to the Legal Aid Council, the District Court and the lawyer who submits the request to the court, or to the other party in a settlement agreement or in consultation with you are a specialist (financial planner / tax specialist, etc.). This always happens after consultation with and approvement from you, in most cases you will sign for this. In addition, in online mediation cases we will work in a secure environment and for certain calculations (alimony) with software from a company that then acts as processor of your data. We have entered into a processor agreement with those suppliers / specialists so that they treat your data as conscientiously as we do.

Your data is safe with us, it will not be shared with others than above. We keep data for as long as the mediation runs. Then it is stored in an archive to meet the requirements of our professional group. The retention period is related to the statutory retention periods, after which all your data will be deleted by us. During this period you can contact us with questions. You can also request information about what we have and request to delete it[2].

We sometimes use data from other sources for our work. For example, we can estimate the current value of your car on the basis of the car's registration number, via a public website such as the ANWB. The results are always discussed with you.

We do not work with your data in other ways. It will not be combined by us for profiling, or automatic decision making, nor will it be linked to other databases.

We take the protection of your data seriously and take appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification. If you feel that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of abuse, please contact us immediately*.

The following measures have been taken to protect your personal data:

Finally: *Should you, despite our explanation or solution, think that we are not handling your privacy-sensitive data correctly, you can submit a complaint to the regulator,

1 In general: names, gender, date of birth, place of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail address and in case of divorce the marriage date and place, bank account (s) and assets & debts of you and minors / young adults for which you are responsible.

2 Deleting data may mean that we will no longer be able to perform work for you. This request must be accompanied with a copy of proof of identity so that it is demonstrated who makes the request plus an agreement of the other person(s) involved in the mediation. Removal will not take place within 18 months after termination of the mediation in view of Article 12 of the MfN mediation rules.

Since 1999, I have committed my experience and knowledge to support people and businesses in conflict situations to work towards workable solutions for all parties involved. I am multi-certified as a mediator, trainer and coach, offering mediation and training services domestically as well as abroad and online where required. Call directly for free information: +31 6 54 787 464.