Kitty Duell

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Paul Walters

Paul Walters is practicing as an MfN registered mediator and executive coach in Rotterdam and The Hague. He was the first director of the Netherlands Mediation Institute; the umbrella organisation for mediator quality, which is now part of the Netherlands Mediatorsfederation MfN. Paul is one of the founding fathers of mediation in the Netherlands and headed the construction and implementation of the first universal mediator quality assurance system in the country. Paul has his own practice: RANDSTAD-MTC Mediation, Training and Coaching in labour/employment cases. Paul is practicing as a family mediator for MediationKit. His key values as a mediator are safety, integrity and reliability.

Judith Bosch

Since 1999, I have committed my experience and knowledge to support people and businesses in conflict situations to work towards workable solutions for all parties involved. I am multi-certified as a mediator, trainer and coach, offering mediation and training services domestically as well as abroad and online where required. Call directly for free information: +31 6 54 787 464.