Criminal law issues

Increasingly, mediation is applied in criminal law issues. It resolves matters that proceedings cannot. For example:

  • Sit down with each other and work through questions that matter
  • Restore a sense of trust
  • Pick up life after the incident
  • Agree together about possible (or range of) solutions
  • Sometimes further criminal proceedings are no longer required

As a mediator and innovator I have also stood at the cradle of this particular form of mediation. It has been part of my work for many years since.

It is important for all those involved in a criminal offense:

  • Accuser
  • Accused / Suspect / offender
  • Persons otherwise involved


  • Offer stakeholders the opportunity to handle matters in their own way.
  • Help them to integrate the experience in their life in an optimally harmless way.
  • Give to all involved the tools to build a better future after the experience.

My credentials in mediation in criminal matters

  • Accredited MfN Trainer in Mediation in Criminal matters
  • Certified IIRP Facilitator - International Institute for Restorative Practices

Training and Publications

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Since 1999, I have committed my experience and knowledge to support people and businesses in conflict situations to work towards workable solutions for all parties involved. I am multi-certified as a mediator, trainer and coach, offering mediation and training services domestically as well as abroad and online where required. Call directly for free information: +31 6 54 787 464.